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  • Self Paced Program
  • 12 Weeks Course Content
  • Get Ready For Love Tribe Access
  • Monthly Webinar Q&A's By Myself - Brett Williams
  • Community Tribe Of Women On A Similar Journey As Your
  • Safe, Judgement Free Space
  • Self Heal Your Relationship Patterns
  • Powerfully & Confidently Connect To Your Inner Truth
  • And MORE!

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Dating isn’t what it used to be, it’s no longer about those awkward encounters… You know the ones where that handsome guy awkwardly comes over to you and asks for you number. Now all you get is the over confident ones who just are after one thing. Sure they are great for a short time but then you realize how they are basically your ex in another body. Leaving you yet again laying in bed along at night asking yourself the question.. “What’s wrong with me?”

Yet it’s not about what’s wrong but more about what’s right about you. See this program will shift the view on all of the things you’re seeing as you’re limitations in love and bringing them out as your strengths.

But WHY?

Because you deserve to be happy in love, you deserve that guy who loves, honors and respects you.

You, yes YOU, deserve that! And I know you know it, maybe you’ve lost hope on ever finding your knight in shining armor, but my belief is he is out there waiting for you!

So then what is the ‘Get Ready For Love’ program all about?

First let me tell you what it’s not. It’s not a bunch of 1 liners to send to a guy, it’s not a list of games to play to trick men into being with you nor is it a promise you will meet your soul flame tomorrow.

As for what it is, it’s a balance set of tools for personal self-awareness, for stepping into your truth and being able to powerfully express your truth. It’s the structure to creating a safe judgment free environment with you potential and future partners so that you can express your hearts truth in a way that lets you know he see’s you and hears you. It’s healing your childhood challenges that keep your current relationship cycle playing out and last but definitely not least! It’s a community of women who are on the same journey as you!

Yes the ‘Get Ready For Love’ Program is more than just a 12-week online program where each week through online content you’ll be held by the hand and taken step by step through the healing process whilst being surrounded by a soul sister tribe who are cheering you on!

But wait Brett… You’re a guy! What do you know about all of this! Quite a lot actually, I’ve been coaching women to regain their power for a number of years now and through this I have seen numerous patterns showing up that keep them from the life they desire. PLUS in this program I give you the exclusive unfiltered insight into how a man thinks, acts and reacts… Giving you a greater insight into how to invite your future man to open up and share his truth, which creates an even stronger bond between you and him!

So! If you’re ready to start this journey, heal your past relationship patterns to open your heart up fully so can attract in the man of your dreams then you only have 2 options… To pay in full up front or the 12 month payment plan! Click the ‘Sign Up’ button below to get instant access and join the tribe today!

Payment Options

Upfront Payment, 12 Month Payment Plan


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Brett is one of the kindest people I have ever met. He has been so supportive, encouraging, and helpful from day one, and for that I am truly grateful!
Sarah Gallo
To chat with Brett is very inspirational. He doesn't have a judgement of you and I'm heard. That is very empowering to me and my business. The world is my oyster....
Bernice Smith
I have known Brett for many years and over that time he has been a constant support that has inspired me to grow. Truly grateful.
Tracey Hicks